Tridelta website re-design

Interviewed client and end users to understand the wants of the organization and the actual needs of the visitors to the website. Incorporated desired style and feeling of the client through design, asset creation, and coding of the website.


Brenden Tiang, Patricia Vu, Tracy Wei


Adobe:( Illustrator, Photoshop ), Figma, InVision



Conveying an image

For our task of redesigning our client's website, we wanted to know more about the organization's current website, what they wanted in the new one, and who the target audience was. We interviewed the organization leadership and stakeholders to really understand their goals and intentions and we learned that the client wanted to convey a down-to-earth, trustworthy, put-together, and friends-for-life feeling to visitors of the website. I interviewed prospective students and parents of the students. With all of the information we gleaned from our interviews, we constructed personas of the three main personality types that we thought the re-designed website should target.


We created three personas to personify the main stakeholders and their use cases. I was responsible for the parent persona and all the use cases related to it. Creating these personas helped us understand the needs and expectations that would guide our design philosphy.


View the different types of events going on during recruitment

View current members

Find day,time, and location of recruitment events

Find recruitment timeline

View photos of members and events to get a feel and vibe

Find social media links


View pictures of current members

Find out chapter history and philanthropy

Find chapter statistics

Stay up to date with chapter events

Find social media links


Find fees for being a member

View mission statement

Find contact information for members

View leadership profiles

View philanthropic activities

Learn sorority history


Use the good, leave the bad

Before diving into the creation of the website, I analyzed and compared the websites of TriDelta's competitors. I wanted to see what worked and what didnt and glean useful information and design cues that would be useful down the road.






After designating the design criteria in our CREATIVE BRIEF , my team and I started designing the website and came up with our first low fidelity prototypes.


One problem we ran into during the creation process was creating a footer that was incorporated the GIN login system. GIN is a notification board and system allowing organization members to stay easily connected. Initially, we wanted to add GIN into the footer because our client expressed that she wanted it there. I questioned the usefulness of this feature knowing that most students would use their phones and other social media outlets. I pushed our communications coordinator to speak with our client to see if it was a feature that was really needed. We learned that the only people who need the GIN login are the members, and none of the members use it through the website. Instead, they use the GIN app. Our team decided that having a two step login on the website that nobody uses was not good design and discussed it with our client. In the end we all agreed to have it removed.

Old Footer

New Footer


We feel that our final design accomplishes what our client wanted to convey. The website is clean and simple which conveys a down-to-earth vibe. The images that are displayed gives a sense of unity amongst members and viewers get an impression that members could be friends for life and are also well put together. We believe that our re-design is a vast improvement over the old one.


What I learned

Building the UCSD Tri Delta organization website was a challenging and rewarding experience. I had the opportunity to try to understand my client and their needs which allowed me to think creatively from a different perspective. It was an awesome learning experience and I hope to be able to create more website for clients in the future.

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